Situated on the Malwa Plateau on the eastern side of the River Kshipra, Ujjain forms the eastern district of Madhya Pradesh. The ancient city has been a religious hub for over 2,000 years. Apart from being a perfect pilgrim place with numerous old temples, the city of Ujjain is also renowned for Ujjain Observatory developed by one of its rulers, Jai Singh to make astronomical calculations.

Simhastha Kumbh:

Simhastha Kumbh is the pious Hindu festival. Thousands of men, women including saints, monks and sadhus gather at one place during the festival making it a unique occasion brimming with religious fervor. The Kumbh gives an opportunity to embrace one’s soul and material body with the ritual of Shahi Snan and other holy activities like religious discussions, devotional songs and mass feeding of the devotees and the poor.

Kumbh Resort:

Kumbh Resort provides luxurious and comfortable tented accommodation with all the modern amenities, spiritual ambience and 24×7 security. The resort houses 70 tents, and is strategically located in an area spanning 23,000 sq. m. near the bank of Kshipra River.